Other Snowboard Riding Techniques

Freecarve or alpine snowboarding style is a similar to skiing and is slalom focused style that is not as popular as other styles, but is practiced infrequently in races and for recreation. This style can only be practiced on hard packed snow or on groomed runs. This style is completely focused on the ultimate carving turn, which mimics classic skiing turns. There is hardly any jumping or midair tricks in this technique.

There are different versions of carving techniques, since this is not a popularly followed style. This style focuses on transforming the energy of the board in to raw speed. The riders in this style use more open stance and have a higher center of mass. This style helps absorb more bumps that are regular on a hard surface. These carving styles are great to get the fastest time in a snowboarding race.

In a few carving styles, the riders focus on gaining more G-force, rather than speed. In these styles, the knees are held together for a closed stance and tend to have a lower center of mass. There is less chance of a boot out and every bump on the terrain is felt by the knees. A rider following this style can carve complete half circles, which put a force of up to 3Gs on the body. A rider needs to learn all the styles available and can find what style best suits his or her riding style, since these style require a snowboarder to have a particular weight.



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