Snowboarding Equipment

Snowboarding is an expensive sports, since it requires a lot of equipments that do not come cheap. For once a year tourists, it is easy to find snowboarding equipment for hire in tourist resorts. However, the same is not the case when it comes to snowboarders who regularly snowboard or for people who are considering making it their profession. These people need to invest lots of money in costly snowboarding gear that requires careful thought and decision making.

The three main equipments needed for snowboarding are snowboards, binders and boots. It will be tough for a newbie to realize the significance of these equipments and the vast range of options available from hundreds of manufacturers. Along with this other things necessary for snowboarders are goggles, helmets, wrist guards, back support, warm clothing, safety beacon and tracker, etc.


Snowboard Boots and Other Equipment

Boots are the final part of the equipment that connects a rider to a board. Shoes are available from numerous manufacturers and come in different sizes. The shoes should fit perfectly on the feet of a rider and shouldn't be too tight or too loose. Shoes that are too tight tend to cause problems in making turns and shoes that are too loose run the risk of pushing the rider off the boards. Soft bo...



Snowboards are one of the most important equipments for snowboarding. Choosing a snowboard is crucial for a beginner as well as an experienced professional. Snowboarding equipment has seen a lot of technological improvements in the past decade. Snowboards and monoskis are differentiated by the stance of the user. In snowboards, the rider stands with the feet transverse to the length of the board...


Snowboard Bindings

Snowboards require binders to connect to the boots. Binders are available separately from the boards. These are very important part of snowboards. Most of the binders available in the market are fixed on to the board using four screws or nuts. These binders are fixed in the center of the board at the correct position. There are numerous types of bindings: strap in, step in, and hybrid bindings a...


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