Free-Riding Snowboarding Technique

Free riding style is among the most easiest and accessible types of snowboarding. It is basically sloping down any kind of terrain that is available and is among the first styles of riding technique developed by riders. It is the first style that is taught to beginners, since it essentially teaches a rider to balance on a snowboard and find his or her stance. There are two types of stance, a "regular stance" where the right leg is forward and a "goofy stance" where the left leg is forward. The rider will have to find some time finding stability and control over the board.

Only after a rider has mastered the free riding technique, will he or she be able to move on to the other more difficult terrains such as alpine, freestyle, backcountry riding, etc., which require a rider to have more balance over the snowboard and a higher level experience. This is the first step to truly becoming a snowboarder and it is necessary at this step that a person go got snowboarding lessons that will cut back the time it takes to learn this style to a few weeks, instead of a few months. Almost every ski resort offers some or the other kind of training for newbies. The board used in this style is a directional snowboard with a stiffer boot. The stiffer boot saves the boots of a rider against different types of snow conditions such as deep powder ice and hard snow. One a rider learns all the techniques in this style and can easily maneuver himself over a snow covered mountain; it becomes easier to manage other terrains.



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